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I am a doctor. How will LocumOnDuty help ME?

  • Designed with doctors and for doctors our app allows you to manage all aspects of your working life in one place
  • See relevant locum work first, both for individual duties and blocks of work, and quickly book or express interest
  • Unlike other systems, we won’t bother you with locum duties that clash with your substantive rota or study
  • View the rate of pay for each duty before you book
  • Manage all your CVs and documents in a single place
  • If you also work in a substantive post you can manage your leave, on call rotas, rosters, swaps, expenses and much more* all in the same app, giving you a complete picture and making managing your schedule much easier
  • Share your live calendar using iCal, helping coordinate your working life with family members
  • Provides visibility to Locum shifts from both your own Trusts AND other Trusts in your area
*Trust must switch this functionality on

I work in a Trust. Why is LocumOnDuty the best option for us?

  • Fast and low risk. Create a medic bank and roll out the app quickly to your locums.
  • Rewarding existing customers that use our temporary staffing software: create a simple internal locum bank today and give your doctors the app without additional cost.
  • Help your doctors working lives with a simple app that lets them do so much more than just book a locum shift
  • Simplify payment - set sessional or ad-hoc pay rates (hourly/sessional) for duties. Advertise them online to Locums. Send rates to ESR for easy payroll processing
  • Fill more shifts allowing you to meet performance targets and control agency bookings
  • Skill matching making it easier to send locum shifts to the right doctors at the right time
  • Shared bank ready; making it even easier to set up a regional locum bank with partner organisations
  • Publishes shifts not filled by own doctors to other Locums in the area without incurring agency fees

Future-proof solution. Lined to rotas, rosters. The only solution that provides a complete view of all staff

LocumOnDuty is fully integrated with Allocate's wider workforce software. That includes our junior doctors rota, consultant job planning, doctors leave, on call rotas, doctors rostering and activity management solutions, as well as our solutions for nursing, midwives and all other staff groups and of course our shared bank solutions.  

This makes a big difference. Doctors can see all aspects of their work in one app, organisations can see a complete picture of all staff in one place, clinical governance is improved and of course everyone has less admin.

Shared Locum Bank Ready

  • Seamlessly link Trusts' locum banks to create a shared collaborative locum staff-bank
  • An integrated system allowing improved shift fill rates and productivity
  • Provide doctors with more choice of duties making the collaborative bank more attractive than agency

Reduced Patient Risk

CloudStaff helps bring complete visibility of shift bookings for each staff member across a cluster resulting in better and more efficient shift allocation with reduction in unsafe working practices

LocumOnDuty and the app provides a win win. The app helps make doctors working lives easier as it brings locum work together with other work commitments and even leave and study. For us it means we fill more sessions with happier staff and we get a complete view of the workforce

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Frequently Asked Questions

Good news! We will set you up with a simple locum bank straight away without any additional cost - including getting all your locums on the new app. We'll also give you free of charge access to the wider LocumOnDuty module until March 2018.
We are very focused on clinical governance so while anyone can download the app, you need to be registered and verified with a home trust to start seeing locum work. Complete the form above and we can let you know if Trusts you work at are using LocumOnduty
LocumOnDuty is free for doctors to join. Trusts pay a single, transparent annual fee. There is no restriction on how many locums you use or how many sessions or shifts you fill. Request a free trial by filling in the form above on this page. Don't forget, customers that already have our temporary staffing platform can start a simple locum bank free of charge.
Most Trusts in the UK have access to the wider HealthMedics software which means they can provide you with this information via the app. To find out where your trust stands complete the form above
LocumOnDuty is super fast to set up and get started. Request our info pack by completing the form above to see how many days it will take.